[MacPorts] #66586: ld64 selects conflicting variant when using migration instructions (was: Macports will not reinstall ports on Ventura using migration instructions)

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#66586: ld64 selects conflicting variant when using migration instructions
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Changes (by jmroot):

 * cc: jeremyhu (added)
 * port:   => ld64


 In this case, the ld64 port is choosing a different default variant on
 your new system than it did on your old system. There is a bug here in
 that if the old variant will still work, it shouldn't automatically set a
 conflicting variant as well, and if the old variant doesn't work on the
 new system, the port shouldn't be offering that variant at all on that

 You can probably work around the problem by editing your `myports.txt`.
 Find the line with ld64, which should look something like:
 ld64 @3_4+ld64_274 (active) requested_variants='+ld64_274'
 platform='darwin 20' archs='x86_64' date='2022-02-07T14:54:41+1100'
 The important part is the `requested_variants`, don't worry if the other
 values differ from what I've shown. Delete the `+ld64_274` inside the
 single quotes, i.e. change `requested_variants='+ld64_274'` to
 `requested_variants=''`. Then save the file, run `sudo port clean ld64`,
 and you are ready to try again.

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