[MacPorts] #63309: Dependency libidn could be replaced by libidn2

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#63309: Dependency libidn could be replaced by libidn2
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 Component:  ports                               |    Version:  2.7.1
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      Port:  cpuminer echoping elinks-devel      |
  FileZilla finch ghostscript gloox html-xml-    |
  utils hydra Io jabber jabberd knot kopete      |
  libgsasl libpurple libVLC2 loudmouth lynx      |
  maildrop monotone monotone-devel mutt p5-net-  |
  libidn pidgin podofo proftpd prosody psi       |
  skipfish tin VLC2                              |

Comment (by nickgaya):

 Ghostscript uses libidn's `stringprep` function to normalize Unicode
 password strings. This functionality is not supported in libidn2, so the
 upgrade is essentially blocked for this port.  See

 The libidn2 manual states:

 > The original libidn library includes functionality for the stringprep
 processing in `stringprep.h`. That functionality was an integral part of
 an IDNA2003 implementation, but it does not apply to IDNA2008.
 Furthermore, stringprep processing has been replaced by the PRECIS
 framework (RFC8264).
 > For the reasons above, libidn2 does not implement stringprep or any
 other string processing protocols unrelated to IDNA2008. Applications
 requiring the stringprep processing should continue using the original
 libidn, and new applications should consider using the PRECIS framework.


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