[MacPorts] #66132: openjdk11-graalvm varies distfile based on configure.build_arch

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Tue Nov 1 08:47:59 UTC 2022

#66132: openjdk11-graalvm varies distfile based on configure.build_arch
 Reporter:  ryandesign  |      Owner:  breun
     Type:  defect      |     Status:  assigned
 Priority:  Normal      |  Milestone:
Component:  ports       |    Version:  2.8.0
 Keywords:              |       Port:  openjdk11-graalvm
 openjdk11-graalvm varies which distfile it uses based on
 `configure.build_arch` but the mirroring component of mpbb running on the
 buildbot doesn't support doing that. As a result, the arm64 distfile never
 gets mirrored, because the machine doing the mirroring always has
 `configure.build_arch` set to x86_64.

 The mirroring script does support varying based on `os.arch` however, so I
 suggest you do that here:
 diff --git a/java/openjdk11-graalvm/Portfile
 index 5199357fb62..9c53d58dd74 100644
 --- a/java/openjdk11-graalvm/Portfile
 +++ b/java/openjdk11-graalvm/Portfile
 @@ -23,12 +23,13 @@ long_description GraalVM is a universal virtual
 machine for running applications

  master_sites https://github.com/graalvm/graalvm-ce-

 -if {${configure.build_arch} eq "x86_64"} {
 +platform darwin i386 {
      distname     graalvm-ce-java11-darwin-amd64-${version}
      checksums    rmd160  c0c8bc78bea75f7b8dec958ede569d1ad0263d37 \
 b8b39d6a3e3a9ed6348c2776ff071fc64ca90f98999ee846e6ca7e5fdc746a8b \
                   size    254057238
 -} elseif {${configure.build_arch} eq "arm64"} {
 +platform darwin arm {
      distname     graalvm-ce-java11-darwin-aarch64-${version}
      checksums    rmd160  0e8e04f543c80044eceac29066522c0d3c5b18f8 \
 c9657e902c2ba674931c3cf233a38c4de3d5186ae5d70452f9df75ac0c4cacff \
 The only valid values for `os.arch` are powerpc, i386, and arm.

 This change works here only because this port excludes i386 from
 `supported_archs` so there is only one distfile for Intel. If this port
 supported both x86_64 and i386, then you would indeed have to choose based
 on the build arch and there would be no solution for mirroring the i386
 files. (It would mirror the x86_64 files.)

 Please check your other ports if similar changes are needed there.

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