[MacPorts] #66149: mpc 0.34: depends on py39-sphinx but py310-sphinx works too

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Thu Nov 3 09:22:31 UTC 2022

#66149: mpc 0.34: depends on py39-sphinx but py310-sphinx works too
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 I tried to install mpc and it requires sphinx, specifically py39-sphinx,
 but my regular python install is 310, so this would pull in a whole list
 of py39 dependencies that I don't need or already have as py310.

 It works with py310-sphinx, too. I cloned the mpc repo from
 https://github.com/MusicPlayerDaemon/mpc, manually installed meson, ninja
 (the other dependencies) and py310-sphinx, linked sphinx to py310-sphinx
 ("sudo port select --set sphinx py310-sphinx") and built mpc successfully.
 There were no build errors and the binary works fine. This is on aarch64

 My request or recommendation as an amateur would be to simply replace
 py310-sphinx for py39-sphinx in the dependency list of mpc. Is that
 possible? Thanks.

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