[MacPorts] #66177: qt5-qtwebkit @5.9.2_4 fails to build (was: qtwebkit fails to upgrade)

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Sun Nov 6 21:59:24 UTC 2022

#66177: qt5-qtwebkit @5.9.2_4 fails to build
  Reporter:  dershow       |      Owner:  MarcusCalhoun-Lopez
      Type:  defect        |     Status:  assigned
  Priority:  Normal        |  Milestone:
 Component:  ports         |    Version:
Resolution:                |   Keywords:
      Port:  qt5-qtwebkit  |
Changes (by jmroot):

 * owner:  (none) => MarcusCalhoun-Lopez
 * cc: MarcusCalhoun-Lopez (removed)
 * status:  new => assigned


 :info:build Modules/geolocation/Coordinates.h:36:36: error: implicit
 instantiation of undefined template
 :info:build     static PassRefPtr<Coordinates> create(double latitude,
 double longitude, bool providesAltitude, double altitude, double accuracy,
 bool providesAltitudeAccuracy, double altitudeAccuracy, bool
 providesHeading, double heading, bool providesSpeed, double speed) {
 return adoptRef(new Coordinates(latitude, longitude, providesAltitude,
 altitude, accuracy, providesAltitudeAccuracy, altitudeAccuracy,
 providesHeading, heading, providesSpeed, speed)); }
 :info:build                                    ^
 :info:build ../WTF/wtf/Forward.h:33:32: note: template is declared here
 :info:build     template<typename T> class PassRefPtr;
 :info:build                                ^

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