[MacPorts] #66165: qt5-qtwebengine @5.15.10_1 (aqua): Processing of port qt5-qtwebengine failed

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Mon Nov 7 03:56:57 UTC 2022

#66165: qt5-qtwebengine @5.15.10_1 (aqua): Processing of port qt5-qtwebengine
  Reporter:  wurzelsand       |      Owner:  MarcusCalhoun-Lopez
      Type:  defect           |     Status:  assigned
  Priority:  Normal           |  Milestone:
 Component:  ports            |    Version:  2.8.0
Resolution:                   |   Keywords:
      Port:  qt5-qtwebengine  |

Comment (by chrstphrchvz):

 Ken, thanks for testing this and the update.

 Looking again at float_rect.h and rect_f.h, I believe the intention was to
 rely on the `gfx::RectF` method of `FloatRect` for the conversion, and not
 the longer way of getting a `CGRect` from a `FloatRect` and then
 constructing a `gfx::RectF` from a `CGRect`; I would guess the existence
 of both approaches is what lead to the ambiguity error.

 So a platform-agnostic alternative (probably still not ideal, but what I
 would prefer proposing to Qt) might be to duplicate what is done by the
 `gfx::RectF` method of `FloatRect`: use a temporary `FloatRect` and pass
 its x/y/width/height to the `gfx::RectF(float x, float y, float width,
 float height)` constructor, e.g.

 -  return
 +  FloatRect r = FindInPageRectFromRange(EphemeralRange(ActiveMatch()));
 +  return gfx::RectF(r.X(), r.Y(), r.Width(), r.Height());

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