[MacPorts] #66185: tenfourfox: I want to bring back PPC port, anyone eager to do i386?

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Tue Nov 8 01:02:40 UTC 2022

#66185: tenfourfox: I want to bring back PPC port, anyone eager to do i386?
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Comment (by barracuda156):

 Replying to [comment:1 kencu]:
 > Because it takes so long to build, in the end I just had a running clone
 of the repo, all built. Then I would pull Cameron's changes, the build
 system could figure out what needed to be rebuilt, and it would take
 1/100th the time to build that way.
 > So I personally gave up (more or less) on the MacPorts' Portfile build,
 as that was always a "from scratch" build, there are no buildbots for
 Tiger, where I was building it, etc.
 > I also didn't get much enthusiasm for it, when I suggested it as a port
 4 or 5 years back, and rightly enough, I guess.

 Okay, I understood. Then I gonna propose it as PPC-only.

 Latest-commit version has built perfectly fine on 10A190 (against 10.4
 SDK) and works normally, I will build it on 10.5.8 next, adding stip, if
 everything is smooth, gonna make a PR.
 (I believe officially supported OSs won’t have problems, if even
 unsupported worked.)

 It is really unfortunate that `ppc64` is not supported with TFF, that
 would be a much better browser for Leopard :(

 We have nothing that can be built for 64-bit, right? WebKit2 is broken,
 Chromium-legacy is Intel-only.

 > Best of luck!

 Thank you! And thanks for the portfile, it is really helpful.

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