[MacPorts] #66263: qrupdate @1.1.2_6+gcc12+openblas build failure on Ventura 13.0.1 (was: Octave won't build on Ventura 13.0.1 due to unmet dependency 'qrupdate')

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Tue Nov 15 02:45:36 UTC 2022

#66263: qrupdate @1.1.2_6+gcc12+openblas build failure on Ventura 13.0.1
  Reporter:  mcquiggi   |      Owner:  (none)
      Type:  defect     |     Status:  closed
  Priority:  Normal     |  Milestone:
 Component:  ports      |    Version:
Resolution:  duplicate  |   Keywords:  ventura
      Port:  qrupdate   |
Changes (by jmroot):

 * keywords:   => ventura
 * status:  new => closed
 * resolution:   => duplicate
 * port:  qrupdate octave => qrupdate


 OK, so qrupdate is found, but it's failing to build.
 :info:build /opt/local/bin/gfortran-mp-12 -m64 -fimplicit-none -O3
 -funroll-loops   -dynamiclib -o ../libqrupdate.dylib -install_name
 /opt/local/lib/libqrupdate.1.dylib caxcpy.o cch1dn.o cch1up.o cchdex.o
 cchinx.o cchshx.o cgqvec.o cqhqr.o cqr1up.o cqrdec.o cqrder.o cqrinc.o
 cqrinr.o cqrot.o cqrqh.o cqrshc.o cqrtv1.o dch1dn.o dch1up.o dchdex.o
 dchinx.o dchshx.o dgqvec.o dqhqr.o dqr1up.o dqrdec.o dqrder.o dqrinc.o
 dqrinr.o dqrot.o dqrqh.o dqrshc.o dqrtv1.o sch1dn.o sch1up.o schdex.o
 schinx.o schshx.o sgqvec.o sqhqr.o sqr1up.o sqrdec.o sqrder.o sqrinc.o
 sqrinr.o sqrot.o sqrqh.o sqrshc.o sqrtv1.o zaxcpy.o zch1dn.o zch1up.o
 zchdex.o zchinx.o zchshx.o zgqvec.o zqhqr.o zqr1up.o zqrdec.o zqrder.o
 zqrinc.o zqrinr.o zqrot.o zqrqh.o zqrshc.o zqrtv1.o clu1up.o dlu1up.o
 slu1up.o zlu1up.o clup1up.o dlup1up.o slup1up.o zlup1up.o \
 :info:build             -lopenblas
 :info:build ld: file too small (length=0) file 'clup1up.o' for
 architecture arm64
 This appears to be the same as #66108. You may be able to work around the
 issue by disabling parallel building: `sudo port clean qrupdate && sudo
 port install qrupdate build.jobs=1`

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