[MacPorts] #66227: freecad @0.18.5_1: Undefined symbols: "boost::python::detail::init_module(char const*, void (*)())" (was: freecad @0.18.5_1: build failure)

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#66227: freecad @0.18.5_1: Undefined symbols:
"boost::python::detail::init_module(char const*, void (*)())"
  Reporter:  petrrr   |      Owner:  mbrethen
      Type:  defect   |     Status:  assigned
  Priority:  Normal   |  Milestone:
 Component:  ports    |    Version:  2.8.0
Resolution:           |   Keywords:
      Port:  freecad  |

Comment (by ryandesign):

 The relevant error in the log is:
 :info:build Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
 :info:build   "boost::python::detail::init_module(char const*, void
 (*)())", referenced from:
 :info:build       _initarea in PythonStuff.cpp.o
 :info:build ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture x86_64
 I think the problem is freecad wants to use python27 but your boost171
 port is installed with the +python310 variant. To work around this issue,
 reinstall the boost171 port with the +python27 variant. (This will break
 any other ports you have installed that rely on boost171 having been
 installed with its +python310 variant.)

 Ideally, the freecad port should be changed to use python310 to match
 boost171's default python variant. Whether or not that's done, the freecad
 port should use the `require_active_variants` procedure of the
 active_variants 1.1 portgroup to ensure that the boost171 port has been
 installed with whatever python variant is required.

 Ideally, the freecad port should be updated to use a newer version of

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