[MacPorts] #65910: harfbuzz 5.2 won't compile -- syntax error from mmintrin.h?

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Mon Nov 21 05:41:29 UTC 2022

#65910: harfbuzz 5.2 won't compile -- syntax error from mmintrin.h?
  Reporter:  michael-j-oconnor  |      Owner:  ryandesign
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Comment (by ryandesign):

 Replying to [comment:4 michael-j-oconnor]:
 > I see the same issue with harfbuzz 5.3.1.  See attached logs.

 Sorry, I don't know why this fails for you. We have successful builds of
 this port on all OS versions on our buildbot system.

 > The big difference between what MacPorts buildbots test with is Xcode
 9.4 vs Xcode 10.1 (latest for 10.13.6).  Any reason not to use the
 latest/lastest Xcode?

 Yes, there is a reason: I generally try to keep the buildbot workers
 running the latest version of Xcode that contains the SDK version that
 matches the OS version. Xcode 9.4 is the last Xcode version that has the
 10.13 SDK so that's why I use that on the 10.13 buildbot worker.

 Since it works on the buildbot, you might consider downgrading your Xcode
 and command line tools to 9.4.

 Also, we have binaries of harfbuzz and most other ports available.
 MacPorts should try to retrieve them by default. Your log shows that it
 did not try. If that's due to your MacPorts configuration, you might
 consider reconfiguring so that you can benefit from our binaries and not
 have to compile everything yourself.

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