[MacPorts] #66327: gawk @5.2.1_0 - Failed to configure gawk: gettext-runtime must be installed with +universal

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#66327: gawk @5.2.1_0 - Failed to configure gawk: gettext-runtime must be installed
with +universal
  Reporter:               |      Owner:  Mark Mentovai <mark@…>
  FaradayLight            |
      Type:  defect       |     Status:  closed
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 Component:  ports        |    Version:  2.8.0
Resolution:  fixed        |   Keywords:  gawk gettext-runtime arm64 Ventura
      Port:  gawk         |
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 In [changeset:"3c1ace9d14ed87685e8104301ff091df3519a97d/macports-ports"
 3c1ace9d14ed87685e8104301ff091df3519a97d/macports-ports] (master):
 #!ConfigurableCommitTicketReference repository="macports-ports"
 gawk: reenable arm64 build

 Upstream gawk has added a “PMA” (persistent memory allocator) feature
 that unfortunately requires gawk to be built as a non-PIE
 (position-independent executable). Non-PIE is not supported at all on
 mac-arm64, so the upstream default as of
 is to forcibly build gawk as mac-x86_64, requiring it to run under
 Rosetta binary translation on mac-arm64. Informed opinion: the
 upstream’s approach is misguided for multiple reasons.

 The recent update of the gawk port to 5.2.1 at 42141802c346 honored this
 upstream default, causing problems for mac-arm64 systems without Rosetta
 installed, and problems upgrading the gawk port to this new version in
 the likely case that the existing gettext-runtime dependency was not
 installed as its universal variant.

 To reenable the arm64 build of gawk, configure it to disable its PMA
 feature, allowing it to be built as PIE and thus as a proper arm64

 As non-PIE is deprecated when targeting macOS ≥ 12 on any architecture,
 disable gawk’s PMA feature in that case as well.

 Closes: https://trac.macports.org/ticket/66327

Ticket URL: <https://trac.macports.org/ticket/66327#comment:2>
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