[MacPorts] #65404: gate @8.2_2+geant4105: error: "ROOT requires support for C++14 or higher."

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Mon Nov 28 17:11:59 UTC 2022

#65404: gate @8.2_2+geant4105: error: "ROOT requires support for C++14 or higher."
  Reporter:  lv0021  |      Owner:  mojca
      Type:  defect  |     Status:  assigned
  Priority:  Normal  |  Milestone:
 Component:  ports   |    Version:  2.7.2
Resolution:          |   Keywords:
      Port:  gate    |

Comment (by kencu):

 The {{{-std=c++11}}} flags are being picked up from the
 {{{Geant4Config.cmake}}} in the geant port.

 geant can be rebuilt to use {{{c++17}}} by
 std-c-17/3705 adding this configure flag] in the right location in the
 geant4 Portfile:

 configure.args-append -DGEANT4_BUILD_CXXSTD=17

 and that solves the c++14 issue.

 However, the (current) {{{gate}}} port uses {{{std:mem_fun()}}} and that
 has been removed from {{{c++17}}}:

 template<class S, class T>      // deprecated in C++11, removed in C++17
 class mem_fun_t : public unary_function<T*, S>
     explicit mem_fun_t(S (T::*p)());
     S operator()(T* p) const;

 so presumably there is some update to gate, or that will have to be
 patched out. Or perhaps everything reconfigured to use {{{c++14}}} (yuk).

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