[MacPorts] #65114: bzr @2.6.0_3: bzr merge with bzr+ssh no longer functions

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Sun Oct 9 06:46:52 UTC 2022

#65114: bzr @2.6.0_3: bzr merge with bzr+ssh no longer functions
  Reporter:  ianstyxial  |      Owner:  raimue
      Type:  defect      |     Status:  assigned
  Priority:  Normal      |  Milestone:
 Component:  ports       |    Version:  2.7.2
Resolution:              |   Keywords:  highsierra
      Port:  bzr         |

Comment (by chrishecker):

 I am having the same problem.  I'm looking into it, and it looks like nacl
 dropped support for python 2.7 in their 1.5.0 release
 (https://pynacl.readthedocs.io/en/latest/changelog/), but it was
 integrated in the macports python py27-pynacl package anyway without
 noticing?  Not sure how tests didn't catch this, since it literally won't
 compile due to the type annotations mentioned above?  Can I mention the
 maintainer here @stromnov or the folks who did the checkin @blazewicz and

 I'm going to try to roll back to 1.4.0 and see if that fixes it.

 Okay, I got this working by following the steps on this page:

 The bad commit is this:  787884021c6882862ee38e73924b5de6e4109201

 So the right command is:
 git checkout 65ff5a6e0ceddc8bcf48596dda8450d1565c232f

 Then this will build 1.4.0:
 sudo port install subport=py27-pynacl

 Installing py27-pynacl @1.4.0_0

 And then bzr+ssh protocol works!

 Can we get the 1.5.0 backed out of the py27 builds to fix this?


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