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#65718: zsh: install failure for macOS 13
  Reporter:  David-Noble-at-work  |      Owner:  larryv
      Type:  defect               |     Status:  accepted
  Priority:  Normal               |  Milestone:
 Component:  ports                |    Version:  2.7.99
Resolution:                       |   Keywords:  ventura
      Port:  zsh                  |

Comment (by tbaumgard):

 I can confirm that commenting out those lines gets it to install without
 errors and {{{ZSHROADMAP}}} is in the output of {{{man

 Apple appears to be using the latest version of {{{mandoc}}} to generate
 man pages in the current release version of macOS (13.0 22A380). I have no
 clue when they moved to it. I'm certainly not an expert on {{{mandoc}}}
 but have used it to an extent on OpenBSD where most of its development
 comes from. {{{mandoc}}} doesn't provide a {{{soelim}}} executable, and I
 don't think it ever has. It just loads the {{{.so}}} directives when
 {{{man ...}}} is called.

 I'm guessing, but it sounds like from the historical error messages that
 previous versions of {{{man}}} were expecting those man pages to be in
 {{{/opt/local/share/man/man1/man1}}} (notice the two {{{man1}}}
 directories). It might have been {{{man-db}}}, but I ran into a similar
 issue at some point.

 I also noticed {{{mandoc_soelim}}} on Ventura when I was poking around,
 but I think that's probably vestigial. If I had to guess, it was a shim
 Apple used to migrate over to {{{mandoc}}} over time. It would certainly
 explain why {{{soelim}}} is no longer included.

 Anyway, you can kind of independently verify the fix on older versions of
 macOS by downloading the source for {{{zsh}}}, installing {{{mandoc}}}
 from ports since it's the version Apple includes in Ventura, doing
 something like {{{mandoc -T man zshall.1 > zshall.test.1}}} in the zsh
 source, and then {{{man ./zshall.test.1}}}, making sure you're using the
 {{{mandoc}}} version of {{{man}}}.

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