[MacPorts] #65733: libgit2 @1.5.0: install_name changed, dependents need rev bump

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Fri Sep 2 13:06:11 UTC 2022

#65733: libgit2 @1.5.0: install_name changed, dependents need rev bump
  Reporter:  tventers                            |      Owner:  dbevans
      Type:  defect                              |     Status:  assigned
  Priority:  Normal                              |  Milestone:
 Component:  ports                               |    Version:  2.7.2
Resolution:                                      |   Keywords:
      Port:  libgit2 bat broot committed dura    |
  exa geany-plugins git-absorb git-branchless    |
  git-delta gitui gitweb gnuastro libgit2-glib   |
  mergestat onefetch poac py-pygit2 stagit       |
  starship                                       |

Comment (by mascguy):

 Replying to [comment:15 mascguy]:
 > However, I'm curious as to why `cargo` and `rust` weren't broken: A
 quick non-exhaustive check of related binaries with `otool -L`, didn't
 show a dylib reference. So are these components dynamically loading
 `libgit2*.dylib` at runtime, or did I simply not check enough of them...?

 Hmmm, I'm seeing some unexpected build failures for Rust-based ports,
 which suggest that perhaps `cargo` and/or `rust` do need to be rebuilt.
 (While they don't appear to be broken in-general, the rustlib utilizing
 `libgit2` does appear that it is.)

 So, I'll rev-bump `rust` and `cargo`, and then queue rebuilds for the
 affected ports. (Was hoping to avoid that, as `rust` ties up our buildbots
 for hours on end. Sigh...)

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