[MacPorts] #65789: libgcc-devel @12-20220828_0+stdlib_flag build failure: use of undeclared identifier 'PTR'

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Wed Sep 7 16:48:57 UTC 2022

#65789: libgcc-devel @12-20220828_0+stdlib_flag build failure: use of undeclared
identifier 'PTR'
  Reporter:  physicsbeany  |      Owner:  michaelld
      Type:  defect        |     Status:  assigned
  Priority:  Normal        |  Milestone:
 Component:  ports         |    Version:  2.7.2
Resolution:                |   Keywords:
      Port:  libgcc-devel  |

Comment (by physicsbeany):

 If I try the pre-built binary route, I get the "no usable archive sites
 configured" error:

 $ sudo port -b install libgcc-devel
 Warning: configured user/group <my group name> does not exist, will build
 as root
 --->  Computing dependencies for libgcc-devel
 Error: Failed to archivefetch libgcc-devel: Binary-only mode requested
 with no usable archive sites configured
 Error: See
 .com_macports_macports-ports_lang_gcc-devel/libgcc-devel/main.log for
 Error: Follow https://guide.macports.org/#project.tickets if you believe
 there is a bug.
 Error: Processing of port libgcc-devel failed

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