[MacPorts] #65852: podman no longer works without hvf on an M1 mac

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Fri Sep 16 23:02:46 UTC 2022

#65852: podman no longer works without hvf on an M1 mac
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 Keywords:            |       Port:  podman
 When trying to install podman 4.2.1 with macports on an M1 mac, starting
 the podman VM would fail:

 s1083703:~ cdlueni$ podman machine start
 Starting machine "podman-machine-default"
 Waiting for VM ...
 Error: qemu exited unexpectedly with exit code 1, stderr: qemu-system-
 aarch64: The 'host' CPU type can only be used with KVM or HVF

 It looks like this error message is a result of a new change as of qemu
 7.0.0, and I am getting macport's qemu 7.1.0.

 Looking through the podman port's Portfile, there's a patch that disables
 hvf acceleration when starting qemu with a note that points to trac ticket
 #64131.  From what I can tell, the motivation for that patch is no longer
 true.  The macports version of qemu 7.1.0 enables hvf now:

 s1083703:podman cdlueni$ qemu-system-aarch64 -accel help
 Accelerators supported in QEMU binary:

 And after building a local copy of the port with the hvf removal patch
 commented out, the podman VM was able to start correctly and I was able to
 run a hello-world pod.

 I propose that the patch that disables hvf be removed.

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