[MacPorts] #62426: libc++: using a newer libc++ to build software on older macos systems

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#62426: libc++: using a newer libc++ to build software on older macos systems
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Comment (by RJVB):

 Replying to [comment:32 kencu]:
 > That is called an ODR violation, and it is the primary concern with this
 process, for sure.
 Somehow I missed this discussion (and new port, which is a more evolved
 version of something I've been doing for years now; installing a newer
 libc++.1.dylib in $prefix/lib).

 I don't think we have to worry about ODR violations as long as
 - shared libraries are used
 - libcxx provides the v1 ABI and we make sure to use it (there's a CMake
 option to select the ABI version)
 - users don't activate an older version of libc++

 Under those conditions, a binary that is linked against our libc++ will
 almost certainly load it before the system libc++, and that *should*
 prevent the system version from being loaded, just as when you used
 DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARY. Thus, binaries like system frameworks that were
 linked against the system version will end up using the newer version, and
 that should work just like with any other library. Despite its crucial
 role, libc++ is not different in this, there's nothing magical about it.

 If this backwards ABI compatibility were not guaranteed Apple couldn't
 update the system libc++ without obliging users to update or rebuild all
 their applications.

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