[MacPorts] #65914: Switch Java dependency for dbeaver-community

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Thu Sep 29 22:55:17 UTC 2022

#65914: Switch Java dependency for dbeaver-community
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 Eclipse Temurin 18 has reached end of life, so I'd like to mark the
 `openjdk18-temurin` as obsolete and replaced by `openjdk19-temurin`.
 However, I found that the `dbeaver-community` port currently depends on
 `openjdk18-temurin`. https://dbeaver.io/download/ says: "DBeaver requires
 Java 11 or higher." Can `dbeaver-community` be changed to depend on either
 `openjdk19-temurin` (short term support, will need to be updated again in
 March) or `openjdk17-temurin` (long term support, supported until at least
 October 2027)? The `openjdk17` port (built from OpenJDK sources directly)
 or another supported Java distribution could also be an option.

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