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#66610: minetest PKG questionary
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 **Need help** and advice as new "minetest" maintainer please.

 **Want** to ''produce a "minetest" PKG package'' with MacPorts to be
 distributed independently on a regular basis. MT Players are normal people
 who mainly appreciate a ''plug-and-play install'' certainly on Mac OS X /
 macOS platform, I presume.


 Q1: How to put **extra documentary** into the PKG ''without changing the

 Q1.1: How to ''display an Introduction text'' by PKG-Installer by extra
 documentary added to the port?

 Q1.2: Where to put this extra documentary files and will a `post-destroot`
 in the Portfile be sufficient?

 Q1.3: Where to find available documentary providing Q1.1/2 answers?

 Q1.4: Is there a reasonable and optional way to do the above without
 `port` command if MacPorts does not support the a.m. request?

 Q1.5: Where to find available documentary providing Q1.4 answers?

 AFAIK making some package seems to be straightforward but the Guide is a
 little short on details and options:

 - https://guide.macports.org/#using.binaries.binary-packages

 ''Installing additional documentation files'' is described in the Wiki but
 IMO does not answer Q1 sufficiently:

 - https://trac.macports.org/wiki/PortfileRecipes#doc

 Any **help and advice** would be highly appreciated.

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