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#67026: LilyPond: installation of text fonts probably broken
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 In https://github.com/macports/macports-ports/pull/15541, LilyPond was
 updated to 2.23.11 without accounting for this commit:

 commit 5689c2721530c6ded22b6291ebb06d10adb5bc28
 Author: Jonas Hahnfeld <hahnjo at hahnjo.de>
 Date:   Mon Jul 11 20:27:03 2022 +0200

     Stop searching and installing text fonts

     In the distant past, LilyPond's build system used to convert text
     fonts into the required OTF files. Nowadays, it only looks for the
     OTF files during configure time, then links them during build time
     and copies them for installation. In addition to being quite complex
     (more than 100 lines of code in configure.ac), the entire setup has
     a number of other weak points:

     1. It is inconsistent. Since commit 500febd2a5 in 2020, the URW fonts
        have replaced TeX Gyre as the default text fonts. However, both the
        configure script and the documentation still require TeX Gyre and
        optionally recommend the URW fonts. This mirrors the state of the
        previous switch in commit bb66d05c73 from 2015.
     2. It wastes space. If a Linux distribution provides packages for the
        two font families *and* a package for LilyPond, the OTF files end
        up on the user's system (at least) twice.
     3. It is muddy legal water, at best. LilyPond's build system does not
        install the license / notice files, so every distribution blindly
        building a package probably does not acknowledge that the URW fonts
        are GNU AGPL (with an exception for including the fonts in a PS or
        PDF file), and that the TeX Gyre families are licensed under the
        GUST font license.
        (Note that our official binaries are in a better situation here
        because both GUB and the scripts in release/binaries/ copy the
        license files.)

 which is also mentiond in our Changes document here:


 Reading https://github.com/macports/macports-
 ports/blob/master/textproc/lilypond/Portfile, it seems to me that none of
 the text font setup makes sense now, it should be revised entirely. Since
 LilyPond's build system does not install text fonts anymore, the likely
 consequence of this breakage is that LilyPond's default text fonts cannot
 be found by LilyPond if they are not otherwise installed, and LilyPond
 falls back to a different fonts. I say "likely" because I'm not a macOS
 user myself, but it seems pretty clear.

 See also https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew-core/issues/119476 for
 equivalent of this issue in Homebrew that we filed some time ago. It
 contains examples of how to reproduce.

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