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#66914: wxMaxima (please update that program!)
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Comment (by MSoegtropIMC):

 I had a look at the debug panel issue. IMHO the issue is clearly that
 m_logPane = new LogPane is called before
 wxPersistenceManager::Get().RegisterAndRestore(this) in
 wxMaximaFrame::wxMaximaFrame. If I move the panel constructor directly
 after the persistance manager init, it works fine.

 A fix is unfortunately tricky. You need the log target early - otherwise
 you get message boxes for early messages. I would say the only solid fix
 is to introduce a kind of document / view split for the log. You should
 have one object "LogData" which is constructed early and serves as error
 message handler, but this object just stores them and doesn't display
 them. Then you create the LogPane when appropriate in the GUI flow and
 connect it to the earlier create "LogData" object.

 We have a family gathering this weekend, so I won't have time to fix it

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