[MacPorts] #67044: Registry DB is 1.2GB and makes a 10.4.11 system unusable

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Sun Mar 5 15:30:00 UTC 2023

#67044: Registry DB is 1.2GB and makes a 10.4.11 system unusable
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Component:  base        |    Version:  2.8.1
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 Sometime in the last few months, MacPorts has become unusable on my Tiger
 system. When attempting to run any {{{port}}} command, the
 {{{registry:open}}} function causes the {{{kernel_task}}} to consume all
 available system memory (1 GB) and mark it Inactive. This memory is not
 returned to the "Free" pool after the process exits, causing other
 processes to swap heavily until a system restart.

 While there seems to be some kind of OS bug in play here, I'd like to see
 if there is some kind of workaround available. I see that the
 {{{registry.db}}} and {{{registry.db-wal}}} files are over 600MB apiece –
 since the memory leak occurs during {{{registry:open}}}, and there appear
 to be some changes to registry reading in MacPorts 2.8.0, I strongly
 suspect these files to be the culprit. Is there a way to reduce the size
 of the registry, or "rebuild" it somehow?

 At present it looks like I have to start a new installation from scratch
 or stop using MacPorts on this system.

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