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Sun Mar 5 20:33:06 UTC 2023

#67047: stanford-corenlp: Use platforms any?
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 Keywords:               |       Port:  stanford-corenlp
 stanford-corenlp and its subports are already marked noarch but do the
 files they install differ based on OS or OS version? If not, could they be
 marked `platforms any` to save server space? Some of the subports are
 large, like stanford-corenlp-english which is about 1GB; storing 12
 identical copies of each of these subports on the server is wasteful.

 I compared the darwin 11 and darwin 21 tbz2 archives of a few subports.
 The files of the arabic and models subports didn't differ. The Java
 compiled files in the main port did differ but that may be because
 [changeset:5160e253f2d17d301bc4527490c0a72db3c6d5d9/macports-ports the
 openjdk version was changed from 13 to 11] rather than platform

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