[MacPorts] #29832: sbcl does not respect build_arch or have a universal variant

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#29832: sbcl does not respect build_arch or have a universal variant
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 Replying to [comment:4 jmroot]:
 > {{{
 > % sudo port install maxima +universal
 > Error: Cannot install maxima for the archs 'arm64 x86_64' because
 > Error: its dependency sbcl does not build for the required archs by
 > }}}

 maxima merely requires an ANSI Common Lisp, not necessarily sbcl.

 If you can run an openjdk, one could use the +abcl variant to install

 port install maxima +abcl

 sbcl itself can be built via abcl on those platforms where no bootstrap
 sbcl image is available.  Such machinery was once part of the sbcl
 Portfile but seems to have been removed.  I will take a stab at improving
 the sbcl Portfile's use of universal architecture as this issue.

 It would be nice to encode these possibilities in the maxima ports use of
 the universal architecture as well.

 It would be good for SBCL to be able to state somehow that it doesn't run
 universally.  What is the best way to do this?

 I have some reading to do about what universal currently entails.

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