[MacPorts] #65995: texinfo: Build fail on G4/PPC using +universal

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Thu Mar 9 08:18:36 UTC 2023

#65995: texinfo: Build fail on G4/PPC using +universal
  Reporter:  xanda-escuyer  |      Owner:  barracuda156
      Type:  request        |     Status:  closed
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      Port:  texinfo        |

Comment (by barracuda156):

 Replying to [comment:7 ryandesign]:
 > Recall when I said:
 > Replying to [comment:1 ryandesign]:
 > > Using the muniversal portgroup can cause new issues and some ports may
 require additional changes beyond just adding the portgroup.
 > The portfile says:
 > {{{
 >     configure.env-append \
 >         PERL_EXT_CFLAGS=[get_canonical_archflags cc] \
 >         PERL_EXT_LDFLAGS=[get_canonical_archflags ld]
 > }}}
 > I don't think this can work correctly with the muniversal portgroup.
 > And you've included the portgroup conditionally. It can be hard enough
 to make a port build correctly without the muniversal portgroup, or with
 the muniversal portgroup, but making a port work correctly whether or not
 the portgroup is included is an additional challenge. I don't know if
 we've attempted to do that in any other ports but it seems like
 unnecessary extra difficulty.

 I don’t mind having it unconditional, but I made it so exactly because I
 was told by some members that muniversal may have unintended consequences
 with clang.

 It does work now with GCC. It was broken without muniversal.

 What would you suggest? It is preferable to have an agreed-upon general
 solution, since many ports require a same fix to build universal with GCC.
 Easier solution is muniversal (should be tested per case, of course).
 Harder is to fix Macports GCC first so that they are genuinely universal,
 and then use muniversal. (In either case muniversal is needed.)
 Then, fixing driver-driver, but when that gonna be done…

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