[MacPorts] #67089: claws-mail fails to build due to "version" file in the source root

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#67089: claws-mail fails to build due to "version" file in the source root
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Comment (by ryandesign):

 Users are expected to understand that they have to install an X server to
 use X software.

 Replying to [comment:9 cheongi]:
 > Shouldn't xorg-server [...] be a dependency,

 No. There is no requirement that you install xorg-server. You might prefer
 to install XQuartz outside of MacPorts instead. You might conceivably even
 wish to use an X server located on a completely different computer.

 > Shouldn't [...] +quartz be a dependency,

 No. It's not possible to declare a dependency on a variant of another
 port, and, even if it were possible, it would not be correct to declare a
 dependency on the +quartz variant of gtk2 since claws-mail also works
 perfectly with its +x11 variant. Discussion about making +quartz the
 default variant is #60511.

 > or at least a nice message that says you need it. Fontforge left a
 friendly message.

 No. I can't see anywhere in the [browser:macports-
 ports/graphics/fontforge/Portfile fontforge Portfile] that would display
 any note advising you to use xorg-server, nor in my opinion should it.

 Notes in MacPorts are displayed every time a port is installed or
 upgraded. Imagine we modified all ports that use X to display a note
 advising you to install xorg-server or XQuartz or an X server on another
 computer. Every time you installed or upgraded any of those ports, you
 would see that message again, even if you had already set up your
 preferred X server. These notes would become noise to you and you would
 tune them out, possibly inadvertently missing some other more important
 notes in the process.

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