[MacPorts] #67126: issues building rpki-client 8.3

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#67126: issues building rpki-client 8.3
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Comment (by artkiver):

 Thanks for taking a look at this!

 That seems like a reasonable conclusion regarding the lack of

 I guess I have been confusing myself going down a rabbit hole with trying
 to run ./configure on a tarball manually and running into other issues. It
 seems as if MacPorts itself only invokes:  ./configure --prefix=/opt/local
 (as well as the apparently spurious "--without-libtls" which I am guessing
 I can remove, though now I am wondering why I added it for 8.2 I think it
 was) but for whatever reason, attempting to replicate that on a command
 line manually hasn't been fruitful and had me going down a different
 rabbit hole.

 For reference /opt/local/include/openssl is where cms.h is at least, some
 of the other headers which ./configure did not seem to error out on aren't
 there, but presumably are less critical, without going into the depths of
 attaching a config.log to this.

 I'll continue upstream, but wanted to exhaust local possibilities first
 and document them insomuch as I didn't want anyone to think I was ignoring
 the release so much as running into challenges with the update.

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