[MacPorts] #67148: mongodb: Database cleared with upgrade from v5 to v6 (was: Database cleared with upgrade from v5 to v6)

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#67148: mongodb: Database cleared with upgrade from v5 to v6
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 There's nothing in the mongodb Portfile that should result in databases
 being wiped upon upgrade.

 It is true that there was not any explicit warning that `sudo port upgrade
 mongodb` would increase the major version of mongodb, beyond, of course,
 the output of `port outdated` prior to doing the update. This is no
 different than how all prior upgrades of mongodb were handled in MacPorts,
 though it is different from how most of the other database ports are
 handled in MacPorts. MySQL, PostgreSQL, and BerkeleyDB ports do offer
 separate versioned ports so that the user can decide when to do a major
 version update. Especially considering upstream's lack of support for
 older versions of macOS, it is possible that we might want to switch to
 versioned mongodb ports; it hasn't been done thus far because nobody has
 requested it yet.

 `sudo port unload mongodb` should stop the `mongod` process. Certainly
 restarting the computer will stop all processes.

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