[MacPorts] #66933: nss @3.88.1 No rule to make target '../certhigh/Darwin13.4.0_clang_64_OPT.OBJ/certhtml.o', needed by 'Output.OBJD/libnss3.dylib'

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Thu Mar 30 04:23:49 UTC 2023

#66933: nss @3.88.1 No rule to make target
'../certhigh/Darwin13.4.0_clang_64_OPT.OBJ/certhtml.o', needed by
  Reporter:  cave-canem  |      Owner:  Marius Schamschula <mschamschula@…>
      Type:  defect      |     Status:  closed
  Priority:  Normal      |  Milestone:
 Component:  ports       |    Version:  2.8.1
Resolution:  fixed       |   Keywords:  Mavericks
      Port:  nss         |

Comment (by kencu):


 Whatever fixed your build, it’s hard to see how adding a build dep on
 legacysupport was the fix… adding it as a build dep doesn’t do anything,
 as it will not be used anyway.

 And adding it would not alter your compiler choice.

 And it built on the buildbot without legacysupport.

 So what went on here is a mystery.

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