[MacPorts] #67164: gcc12 @12.2.0_2: gfortran does not find libSystem

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Thu Mar 30 07:44:00 UTC 2023

#67164: gcc12 @12.2.0_2: gfortran does not find libSystem
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 Component:  ports    |    Version:  2.8.1
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Comment (by jsalort):

 Replying to [comment:2 ryandesign]:
 > Maybe #59727 is helpful as well.


 First, I have checked that gcc is also broken (not just gfortran), i.e.:

 $ cat hello.c
 #include <stdio.h>

 int main(void) {
     printf("Hello, World\n");
     return 0;
 $ gcc-mp-12 -o hello hello.c
 In file included from hello.c:1:
 fixed/stdio.h:78:10: fatal error: _stdio.h: No such file or directory
    78 | #include <_stdio.h>
       |          ^~~~~~~~~~
 compilation terminated.

 It used to work. I realized that gfortran was broken because I needed it
 to recompile a project that compiled fine a few weeks ago. What changed is
 that the build bots have been brought online for Ventura ARM, so gcc12 was
 no longer built from source on my system.

 So, I did as suggested in #59727,

 sudo port uninstall gcc12
 sudo port install -v -s gcc12

 And now, both gcc-mp-12 and gfortran-mp-12 work as expected.

 At the end of #59727, kencu says:
 > I believe this has been fixed now by changes in base and the noted ports
 to spec an existing SDK.
 > please reopen with new information if you find this is still and issue.

 So I guess it is still relevant to have the ticket open.

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