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#67170: yabai @5.0.3: uses startupitem.autostart yes
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Component:  ports       |    Version:  2.8.1
 Keywords:              |       Port:  yabai
 When the yabai port is installed, a dialog box is displayed that reads:

 > “daemondo” would like to control this computer using accessibility
 > Grant access to this application in Security & Privacy preferences,
 located in System Preferences.
 > [Open System Preferences] [Deny]

 I encountered this dialog box when I logged into our buildbot workers
 today. yabai had been the last port that had been built on them but I
 didn't know that yet, and I was surprised to see such a dialog, and I
 didn't want anything to control those machines, so I clicked Deny, but the
 dialog box simply reappeared.

 This is happening because the Portfile contains the line:

 startupitem.autostart   yes

 I questioned why this was being done when you originally added this port:


 You said you would remove it, but evidently didn't.

 So, again, shouldn't we remove that line, so that the user can choose when
 to load the software? I don't think users are expecting a dialog box from
 Accessibility Access to appear when installing a port.

 I'm also not wild about the fact that it is apparently `daemondo` that is
 being granted access to control the system. It seems like that permission
 should be granted much more narrowly, to an executable related
 specifically to yabai, and not to `daemondo` which is called from the
 launchd plists installed by most ports.

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