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Wed Dec 6 16:16:18 PST 2006

Related to this issue, it was very non-intuitive to me that you had to
click on a "Source Code" link to get to the .dmg downloads at all.  It
literally took me 10 minutes of poking around the site today to find
the images, and most of that was simply figuring out that the download
area was called "Source Code".

Would the powers-that-be object to changing that link to "Downloads"
or something like that?

~ Nathan

On 12/6/06, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> wrote:
> On Dec 6, 2006, at 10:07, Mack Johnson wrote:
> > where's the .dmg dl? all i'm seeing is the source.
> For whatever reason, nobody made a dmg of 1.3.2. Therefore, the
> recommended way to install MacPorts from scratch is to download and
> install the dmg of 1.3.1, then "sudo port selfupdate" which will
> upgrade you to 1.3.2.
> Hopefully there will be a 1.3.3 (with a dmg) soon so this question
> doesn't keep coming up.
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