The Python 2.5 port island

Luc Heinrich luc at
Thu Dec 7 03:51:13 PST 2006


As of today, the Python 2.5 port is an island. It has the correct  
dependencies and builds correctly, but it also has some major  
problems which makes it mostly useless:

1. The Python framework is not created (--enable-framework is not  
specified in the configure args).
2. The 'python' symlink to 'python2.5' is not created.
3. All MacPorts python libraries and applications depend on  
port:python24 or are part of portgroup:python24.

Is there a specific reason for (1) and (2) or is this just an overlook ?

More importantly, is there a way to workaround (3) and use MacPorts- 
managed python libraries and applications with port:python25 instead  
of port:python24 ? A way to ignore dependencies maybe ? (which  
wouldn't completely work for all ports though, the python variant of  
port:boost uses a hardcoded python version variable for example)

Luc Heinrich - luc at -

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