iTerm and Zsh

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Thu Dec 7 05:55:09 PST 2006

On Dec 7, 2006, at 3:20 AM, Ian Eiloart wrote:

> --On 6 December 2006 23:16:52 +0100 Une Bévue < at> wrote:
>> Le jeudi 6 déc. 06 19:06 à 22:59, Charlie Allom a écrit :
>>> please use Google.
>> does this means the mailing list isn't the right place to speak  
>> about  a
>> MacPorts project ?
> iTerm and zsh are not MacPorts projects. MacPorts is an application  
> installer. How you use the applications isn't relevant unless there  
> is some bearing on the installation process. This issue doesn't  
> seem to be related to installation of either iTerm or zsh.

If you're having trouble installing a project installed using  
MacPorts, then this list is the best place to ask. If the project is  
already installed and your problem is related to using the project,  
then you should check with the original project's community. You can  
use  "port info" to retrieve the homepage:

$ port info iterm
iTerm 0.8.2, aqua/iTerm

The mailing lists, forums, and trackers located on iTerm's  
sourceforge page are the appropriate places for resolving your  
problems with getting iTerm to use zsh. MacPorts changes how you got  
each of them and where they're located on your system, but usage  
questions are best handled by those most familiar with the specific  

Hope this helps,

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