php5 port whith rrdtool extension support

Mark Duling mark.duling at
Fri Dec 8 13:22:24 PST 2006

mac at on Friday, December 8, 2006 at 12:19 PM -0800
>I need the php5 port with rrdtool extension support. In rrdtool website i
>found this patch php_rrdtool.tgz [
>] but i do
>not know how to apply to the php5 port.
> Anybody can help me??

The readme file is not helpful at all.  Do you want to create rrdtool
graphs manually creating your own PHP scripts?  I just want to be sure you
need it rather than an rrdtool frontend, such as NRG, Cacti, or NetMRG.

The documentation for it is non-existent but I googled up this and I see there is a FreeBSD
php5-rrdtool port  So maybe
an rrdtool variant could be cooked up for the php5 port without too much
difficulty.  I'm curious so I'll try it in some spare minutes later today
or this weekend.


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