The Python 2.5 port island

Landon Fuller landonf at
Tue Dec 12 15:29:09 PST 2006

On Dec 7, 2006, at 03:51, Luc Heinrich wrote:

> Greetings,
> As of today, the Python 2.5 port is an island. It has the correct  
> dependencies and builds correctly, but it also has some major  
> problems which makes it mostly useless:
> 1. The Python framework is not created (--enable-framework is not  
> specified in the configure args).
> 2. The 'python' symlink to 'python2.5' is not created.
> 3. All MacPorts python libraries and applications depend on  
> port:python24 or are part of portgroup:python24.
> Is there a specific reason for (1) and (2) or is this just an  
> overlook ?
> More importantly, is there a way to workaround (3) and use MacPorts- 
> managed python libraries and applications with port:python25  
> instead of port:python24 ? A way to ignore dependencies maybe ?  
> (which wouldn't completely work for all ports though, the python  
> variant of port:boost uses a hardcoded python version variable for  
> example)

I'd like to propose:
	- The 'python' port group, which requires python2.3, be renamed to  
'python23'. The one port that uses it (trac) can be updated.
	- A new port group be created for python2.5 (named 'python')
	- Existing ports referencing 'python24' are updated, as they are  
tested, to reference the new 'python' port group.
	- In the future, the 'python' port group will remain pointing at the  
latest stable Python.

I expect that most ports work fine with python 2.5 -- it may be  
appropriate to do a mass change instead of testing individually.

Thoughts? I want to use Python 2.5! =)

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