install of octave not possible?

Andy Kish kobold at
Wed Dec 13 21:09:26 PST 2006

On Dec 13, 2006, at 6:00 PM, Gregory Wright wrote:

> Yes, this is really necessary.  The gcc40 port was built so you  
> would have a gfortran that is
> ABI compatible with your gcc and g++.  Apple does not supply  
> gfortran so MacPorts has to build it.
> (And Octave really does have modules written in c, c++ and  
> fortran :-) )

Is gcc40 the standard port to depend upon when one needs a fortran  
compiler? The reason for all the current py-scipy bugs on trac is  
that the port doesn't install a fortran compiler as a dependancy. I  
put up a patch for it, but told it to depend upon gcc41. Should that  
be changed to gcc40?


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