The Python 2.5 port island

Luc Heinrich luc at
Sun Dec 17 08:36:07 PST 2006

On 13 déc. 06, at 00:29, Landon Fuller wrote:

> Thoughts? I want to use Python 2.5! =)

Me too, but I have found other problems:

*None* of the dependencies listed in the python25 Portfile are  
actually used. The python24 Portfile has a post-configure step which  
patches the Makefile to fix this. The "normal" way to correctly build  
the python extensions when building manually is to set some  
environment variables but doing the same in MacPorts does not seem to  
work at all, I have tried to add some configure.env and build.env but  
they seem to be simply ignored... :/ Moreover, the post-configure  
step used in python24 does not allow the bsddb extension to be  
correctly built, an additional patch to is apparently  
necessary for this (since environment variables seem to be ignored).

Oh, and the --disable-tk configure option does not seem to do what it  
looks like it is supposed to do.

Luc Heinrich - luc at -

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