XeTeX loads files from wrong directory

Christoph Ludwig ludwig at fh-worms.de
Fri Dec 22 00:35:49 PST 2006


XeTeX relies for most packages on an existing TeX installation. There are some
files, however, that had to be patched; the xetex port installs them in
/opt/local/share/texmf-dist/tex/{xetex,xelatex}.  Unfortunately, xetex still
loads the unpatched files and, in consequence, fails. For example, if I load
the hyperref package, xelatex loads
/opt/local/share/texmf-dist/tex/latex/url/url.sty, even though there is

I opened a ticket (#11174) for this problem. But perhaps someone knows which
configuration file I need to tweak?


FH Worms - University of Applied Sciences
Fachbereich Informatik / Telekommunikation
Erenburgerstr. 19, 67549 Worms, Germany

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