php5 +apache installation workaround

Emory Smith emory.smith at
Sun Dec 24 07:18:22 PST 2006

ah, right you are.

looks like "-macosx" only works when its at the beginning of the  
variant list. (is that right???)

for a quick fix, simply adding "--with-kerberos=/usr" (or just "-- 
with-kerberos") unconditionally to configure.args works fine.

using "--with-kerberos=${prefix}" seems like the better way -- this  
also works fine (with added kerberos5 port dependency)

is there a reason to prefer kerb from /usr over the port when  
building against apple apache?


On Dec 24, 2006, at 7:03 AM, js wrote:

> Hi Emory,
> Thank you for your suggestion,
> but I, as I said previous mail,  tried "-macosx" and it didn't work
> because it removes "--with-kerberos=/usr" from configure options
> and php5 port depends "lib:c-client:cclient" which requires kerberos.
> As you suggested turning off the macosx variant would be good php5
> does require MacPort's kerberos.
> Ryan, do you have any idea?

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