Make Python25 the default Python Installation

js ebgssth at
Fri Dec 29 05:16:24 PST 2006

OS X's /usr/bin/python is just a symlink to python2.3
$ file /usr/bin/python
file /usr/bin/python
/usr/bin/python: symbolic link to `python2.3'

So if you want to use python2.5, replace the link with
the one to /opt/local/bin/python2.5

On 12/29/06, Lucas Holland <hollandlucas at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I've just installed Python 2.5 using Macports. Unfortunately, the
> system (OS X) still uses Python 2.3.x, which comes installed with OS
> X, as its default Python installation.
> I've already tried: sudo port activate python25 which yielded a
> message saying that that already was the active python version (which
> is logical, it is the only Python version I installed using MacPorts).
> Any help would be highly appreciated!
> L. Holland
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