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Sat Dec 30 01:19:07 PST 2006

Le jeudi 30 déc. 06 19:06 à 04:21, Kevin Ballard a écrit :

>> I have just installed sylpheed from ports. Just a few questions...
>> - can i use it without X11?

definitely NO !

>> - how would i add an icon to my dock for this app? im more used to  
>> doing this on freeBSD.

yes make use of my AppleScript Sylpheed launcher lovated here :
or, when my box is down :

takes one of the files : (the bin only)  (the whole AppleScriptStudio project)

the AppleScript app WORKS ONLY with the MacPort installed Sylpheed  
(path to sylpheed is "hard" coded, but u might change that to your  
needs esealy.

>> - has anyone using sylpheed set it up using gmail? I have set it  
>> up with gmail on a windows machine, which works fine receiving but  
>> i cant send my using it...

no prob because gmail is POP...

NOTICE the MacPorts Sylpheed is OUT OF DATE since YEARS (2 to 3)...

i'll write a pkg in order to install Sylpheed the latest within  
weeks, if interested, send me an email...



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