some sylpheed questions

Une Bévue at
Sat Dec 30 06:08:31 PST 2006

Le jeudi 30 déc. 06 19:06 à 14:11, eoghan a écrit :

> Thanks for that. I suspected X11 was mandatory, just wanted a  
> confirmation. I will have a look at your files too.

the sylpheed package i've planed to write will NOT use X11 because  
i'll use the native version of gtk+2...

> I dont understand your answer about gmail being POP... sylpheed  
> supports POP3. I have setup gmail on Apple mail and thunderbird  
> with no problems.

yes i just mention that gmail is pop to say u shouldn't have prob  
with it and sylpheed...

> As I said I can set it up fine with no problems, I just cant send  
> any mail from sylpheed using my gmail account...

i only read mails within gmail, may be their is no smtp within gmail?



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