php5 & postgresql82?

Jyrki Wahlstedt jwa at
Sun Dec 31 06:50:25 PST 2006

On 30.12.2006, at 19.40, Ryan Schmidt wrote:

> On Dec 30, 2006, at 05:25, Ringo De Smet wrote:
>> I installed postgresql82 & postgresql82-server ports. Following these
>> ports, I wanted to "install php5 +apache2 +postgresql", but the  
>> install
>> wants to setup postgresql81. Is there any way I can point the php5
>> postgresql variant to my postgresql82 port?
> The php5 port will need to be changed. I'd be happy to do that if  
> someone will tell me how I should change it. Should we change the  
> php5 port to use postgresql82 instead of postgresql81, or should we  
> provide both options? I don't use PostgreSQL so I don't know.
I fixed that. I'm sorry not having done this earlier, but the  
decision to make PostgreSQL versions to be distinct ports was made  
before me making sense due to different formats of the database.

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