is platypus maintained? + crosscompiling (intel + ppc)

Pau Arumi parumi at
Sun Dec 31 10:35:28 PST 2006

hi all,
i'm new to the list and to macports.
i've succeed porting the osx build of my project
( macports. since we are used
to linux development it suits our needs very much.

i have problems installing platypus, are these servers
temporarily down, or just not maintained anymore?

$ sudo port install platypus
--->  Fetching Platypus
--->  Attempting to fetch from

actually my dns cannot even resolve the ip of any of
the mirrors.

on another topic, i'd like to crosscompile (intel+ppc)
all my project's dependencies.
i have already done some research on how to this in
unix-like packages, but i guess that the compile/link
flags should change depending on the packages. so i'd
like to know if there is some documentation or experience
whatsoever on that.


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