[Macports-users] port error "Error: Target com.apple.fetch returned: fetch failed"

Daniel J. Luke dluke at geeklair.net
Sun Sep 3 19:21:40 PDT 2006

On Sep 3, 2006, at 9:02 PM, Rahul Iyer wrote:
> While trying to "port" multi-gnome-terminal on my Mac OS X Tiger -  
> Macbook (Intel), I encountered the following error. Being new to  
> macports I am not sure how to infer this message correctly. The  
> only other error I noticed is, following link also returns a 404  
> Page not Found error. http://www.macports.org/darwinports/dports/ 
> gnome/multi-gnome-terminal/Portfile
> sudo port install multi-gnome-terminal

You can get more information on what's going on by passing the -dv  

ie sudo port -dv install multi-gnome-terminal

> --->  Fetching libiconv
> --->  Attempting to fetch libiconv-1.10.tar.gz from gnu
> --->  Attempting to fetch libiconv-1.10.tar.gz from opendarwin
> Error: Target com.apple.fetch returned: fetch failed

This just means that macports was unable to fetch the libiconv sources.

It could have been a temporary problem (in which case, you can just  
try again later), or you could have a local network configuration  
that's preventing this from happening (a very strict firewall, for  

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