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erchache2000 erchache2000.mac at
Mon Sep 11 11:26:34 PDT 2006

Joe Auty escribió:
> Hello,
> What happens when you try to upgrade your ports?
> On Sep 11, 2006, at 7:43 AM, erchache2000 wrote:
>> Hi, im user of darwinports. Since darwinports move to macosforge, i have
>> a lot of problems with ports.
>> I enter on irc channel and somebody says to me i dont need to change
>> nothing, but....i have some problems.
>> When try to join to trac bug tracker system, i dont receive mail with
>> password and i cant find where i do that.
>> When migration will be finished? How i can upgrade my ports sucessfully?
>> How i can join to trac system to add bugs?
>> When i enter on i feel im on a dead page which arent
>> update since server goes on.... :-(
>> I'm waiting for your replies.
>> Thanks.
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Its a problem with yelp port, i cant install gnucash for dependencies

For this reason i want to register on trac bug system, but i cant.

I dont know if with my actual configuration can run ok.

Here is my port -dv selfupdate and my port -dv install gnucash:

A ticket are open for yelp:

I want to register on trac but i cant....login box doesnt show send
password to email or similar.

Well, im waiting for your replies.


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