trace mode breaks my package

Emmanuel Hainry ehainry at
Thu Sep 14 03:37:37 PDT 2006

Dear list,

	I have tried to make a port for docbook2X (translator from docbook
to man). The portfile is very simple:

PortSystem 1.0
name             docbook2X
version          0.8.7
categories       textproc
maintainers      ehainry at
description      Converts DocBook/XML documents into man pages and TeXinfo
long_description \
	Converts DocBook/XML documents into man pages and TeXinfo
platforms        darwin
master_sites     sourceforge:docbook2x
checksums        md5 bef029e10d29b182a7a782b483db1b36
depends_lib      port:p5-xml-sax

But when I try port -t configure, it stops with many errors concerning
rights for gnutar. without -t, it works like a charm. port -t build also
breaks with a lot of errors I do not understand. Without -t, once more,
everything builds OK. I do not understand what went wrong (especially
during configure...).

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