issues with the gnucash port

zoarre.37258548 at zoarre.37258548 at
Sun Sep 24 11:08:06 PDT 2006

i can launch gnucash from the terminal. i can't launch it from the x11 menu.

i opened up an xterm window and just as you described, the PATH doesn't
include anything from /opt/local. how do you recommend i fix this?


--- Mark Duling" <mark.duling at wrote:
zoarre.37258548 at
> >this gets rid of the error message but nothing happens, neither
from the
> >terminal
> >nor from the x11 menu.
> >i can now run gnucash
from the terminal but i can't
> >launch it from the x11 menu, despite followng
the instructions in step 4.
> >
> So you can run gnu cash now?  I'm confused
because of the conflicting
> information.  If you can run it from a termianl
but not the X11 window,
> type 'env' in terminal and X11 window the paths
are probably different and
> that is the problem.  Did you delete your old
.bashrc file?
> Mark

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